Who's in?

This Coronavirus sure is slowing down the world.

So many events are being cancelled, services are stopping, and soon we're going to be dealing with bored kids that want something to do! 

Maybe you've decided to home school, maybe you're in isolation, maybe you're just looking for another activity to occupy your child for a little while so you can finally have a hot cup of coffee? (*wine)

Well, we've had an about trying to organise a PEN PALS Club for the kids? 

Could save on a bit of screen time, help them with reading and writing, and it's not hard to make it a FUN activity! Get a bit crafty - make it interesting.

And...what kid doesn't love checking the letterbox just hoping that there might be a surprise in there for them? 

Aussie kids pen pals


Let's bring back the old handwritten letters!

All you need to do is register your child below (it's all free - there's no catch!) and then we'll email you the details of your new PEN PAL! We'll try to match as best we can according to your registration.

We do ask that you just let us know if your child changes their mind...just so we can set their Pen Pal up with someone else.

Let's give it a go and see what happens :)

* Another bonus - as parents we can see & read the letters that are being received, to ensure they're suitable/peace of mind!

* From what we have read, there appears to be currently no evidence to support that Coronavirus can be spread through the mail. Please still ensure that you wash your hands before writing your letter & after you've opened and read your received letter.
If you're still worried, then please spray some Glen20 on it! Also - please use sticky back envelopes, rather than lick and stick.

* Please read the information provided below the registration form.

Pen Pal Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Please note (T's & C's):

  • By completing and submitting this form you are confirming that you are the parent or guardian of the child, and you give your full permission for your child to join our Pen Pals Club.

  • The details that you provide in the registration form will only be shared with your matched Pen Pal/s from our Pen Pals Club (in order for the letter writing to be able to happen!).

  • Let's make writing fun...think outside of the box...we'd love to see pics of some of your crafty letters. Email them through to

  • Please feel free to join our MAILING LIST below to be kept up to date with any exciting news, Pen Pal Club tips, awesome finds etc.

To our Pen Pals members 


We do ask that, if for some reason, you can't write to your pal anymore that you please let us know.


Just send us an email to and this way we can let your pal know, and we can match them up with someone else, so that they don't miss out.