ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival Collectible Card Game

The ANiMOZ – Fight for Survival game is one awesome idea to reduce screen time and to provide some educational fun.

ANiMOZ is a collectible card game featuring beautiful illustrations and facts of Australian animals. Everyone who plays becomes a Ranger, with the main mission to collect species to build a healthy Ecosystem and Sanctuary, whilst overcoming any dangers along the way.

The excellent thing about this game is that you don’t only have to play the main game, you can make your own rules for play – the only limit is your imagination!

We’ll be sharing to our stories some of the ways that we play ANiMOZ. One of our favourite ways is to play a version of Snap with the cards – so easy and so much fun :)

We love that these cards are not just for fun, but also an excellent resource for learning about the animals – their real life ‘superpowers’, their weaknesses, threats, habitats, their scientific names and more.

The ANiMOZ cards are also perfect for little ones, the gorgeous illustrations make for great flash cards.

The fight for our conservation is an important one and it’s so good to know that a portion of the sales from the ANiMOZ Starter Packs go straight back into organisations in the field.

Head to their website to find out more and use the code ‘KIDSPLAY’ at checkout to get 10% off your ANiMOZ collectable card starter pack.

Created in Adelaide – so another great way to support our locals! 💙💙