Child Friendly Exercise Classes - A real reason to wear your active wear..

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Are you a fitness freak, or want to give being active a go? Worried about the kids and how the hell to exercise with them hanging off of you? Want to wear your active wear to an actual fitness class? Then get off your butt and pop on into Active Nutrition Adelaide

child friendly exercise class Adelaide
Active Nutrition Adelaide

Active Nutrition - Child Friendly Exercise Classes in Adelaide

Have some time for YOU, and your active wear, thanks to the awesome team at Active Nutrition Adelaide in Kent Town, SA, and (hallelujah) THEY'VE GOT CHILD FRIENDLY CLASSES!

They say the Drumfit class is the most popular - so why not book in and give it a go? We've got a pass below so that you can try your first lesson for FREE! Just show them this, or mention that you found them on our site when booking, so you can give it a go x

Child Friendly Exercise Classes Adelaide
Active Nutrition Adelaide

Sadly, I won't be in the class to join you. I am one of those freaks that tried running

months ago and broke my ankle when a dog charged at me (no, I did not just trip over the dog as my husband says). 8 months later I still haven't healed and an operation under my belt to try again - so I'm staying away (no offence team!)

But we'd love to hear your thoughts - leave us a comment below and share with your fitness friends who don't break their bones every time they're active x

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