Funny Face Doughnuts

Yeah, yeah, we can't cook! And, yes, maybe to you this isn't even considered 'cooking' but ease up, we're trying our best :)

With these beauties you can even pretend that the kids made them!!

See the recipe below - Talent Level: Medium

Cooking with kids
For parents who can't cook


Cinnamon doughnuts - how ever many you want. There's also no reason you can't go all fancy and grab some Krispy Kremes.

Skittles - 2 for each doughnut (alternatively smarties or m&m's - you get the drift!)

Lollies to shove in the holes - teeth work best for a more dramatic impact.


Place doughnuts on tray, however you can make them fit best.

Put skittles as eyes and whack in the lollies.


Got a recipe to share? Let us know x