Help save our Port River Dolphins – April 14 – Family Friendly

Did you know that over the past fifteen months, fourteen dolphin calves have been born to the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary? Twelve have died. None of this year’s babies have survived.

Why are the dolphins dying in the Port River area?

A high number of deaths for the Port River adult and calf dolphins have been attributed to blunt force trauma from marine vessels. Marine pollution is also a huge factor for the high dolphin mortality rate.

The public and the Sea Shepherd volunteers have collected 971.4kg of rubbish along the Port River since November 2018. 714.5kg of this rubbish amount was collected in only four hours inside the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary. Over 100kgs of this was hard and soft plastics, including a majority of single-use food packaging.

This makes me so sad. How hard is it to use a bin?

The Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is not only home to dolphins, but also juvenile fish and migratory birds. Around 30 resident bottle-nose dolphins, and around 400 transient dolphins call the Port River home at various times.

Boy standing over rubbish collected from the Port River, Adelaide

How can you help?

This Sunday, April 14, the Sea Shepherd SA is hosting a family friendly clean-up at the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary. So, if you’ve got a couple of hours to spare then please head along to help save our dolphins.

Fun activities for the kids:

Along with the clean-up there will be family friendly marine activities provided by The Department for Environment and Water and the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group also has a range of kids’ activities and educational materials.

More info:

Date & Time – April 14 @ 9am-11.30am Location – Garden Island Boat Ramp, Garden Island Bring – Bucket, tongs and enthusiasm

See the Facebook EVENT for more information:

Information courtesy of Foster Hill PR