Kids Roller Skating in Adelaide - Let the good times roll....

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

We recently went to a roller skating birthday party at the Noarlunga Leisure Centre and wow, did that bring back some memories for me!

The kids had a great time learning to roll around on those little wheels, most of them couldn't do it and a lot of time was spent laughing on the floor.

But they all loved giving it a go and now, of course, I'm getting the 'Mum, can we go roller skating again?' question every 5 minutes....

Roller skating at the Noarlunga Leisure Centre
Roller skating at the Noarlunga Leisure Centre

I remember the days, thinking I looked like a pro zooming around the rink while 'Ghost Busters' and other awesome 80's tunes blasted from the stereo.

Realising that I did not look like a pro at all and actually looked like this guy, especially when those show-off's would skate past going backwards (eye-roll).

Oh, and the COUPLES skating...when you had to go around holding hands with your boyfriend or girlfriend, ooh-la-la. How special did that make you feel? (Asking as I wouldn't know!)

That's when I always sat down feeling unloved and probably planning my diary entry for that night about stupid boys...

Take the kids roller skating these Adelaide School Holidays

Why not? It's cheap and it's fun - two words every parent loves to hear! If you're game you can strap on a pair yourself and re-live some childhood memories.

Want to know more? Check out the Noarlunga Leisure Centre website or their Facebook Page

And, if just learning, here's what most of your pics will probably look like.....

B. Hendry

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