Attention, Chocoholics of Adelaide!

Updated: May 11, 2019

There's a CHOCOLATE FACTORY heading our way!

KIK & the Chocolate Factory is getting set to provide a revolutionary chocolate experience like no other in Adelaide…

And we cannot wait!

This Wonka-style, DIY pop-up concept will unveil itself to the world for the first time, this October, at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza.

In a much-anticipated Adelaide first, families will have the unique opportunity to explore a world of pure imagination together as they create and customise their very own blocks of personalised chocolate.

Unleash your creativity with an innovative array of sweet and savoury flavours!

The kids (and let’s face it, you too!) will relish getting creative with a colourful choice of milk, white, dark and vegan chocolate options.

You can also choose from a deliciously intriguing range of Wonka-inspired fillings, including but not limited to Scones and Jam, Campfire Smores, Watermelon, Kale Chips and Pepita, Apple Crumble, and Avocado on Sourdough.

Need some leverage to make your little Oompa Loompas behave?

“If you don’t start cleaning your room / get down from that cupboard / unlock the front door on the count of three, we’re not going to the chocolate factory!”

Then show them these pics through the lounge room window…

Feast your eyes and let the cravings begin!

My 3 y/o daughter’s eyes widened when I showed her the photos and asked her what she thought.

She scuttled away from the window and I heard the front door lock click open.

“Gweat!” (which has recently replaced “wonnnderful!”), was her response.

“Would you like to go there when it opens and make your very own chocolate flavour?”

“Yes pleeeease! And I eat it all in my tummy!”

Well, maybe she won’t be eating ALL of it, but we can definitely have a fun family experience together and she can have a little treat.

I, on the other hand, will eat it all.

There really does look to be something on offer for all tastes. More sneak-peek pics released by KIK Chocolate hint that other fillings on offer include bacon, waffle cone and coffee flavours, and more!

Hang on, wait a minute, did somebody just say ‘Bacon-infused chocolate?

Shut up and take my money!

Spoil someone with a personalised gift

The KIK chocolates can also be personalised with custom messages, making them a great gift idea for others (not just yourself!).

You could be one of the first to bust through their doors! (Proverbially, of course.)

It’s kind of like Mr. Wonka has gone mad - well, even madder – there are not five, but ONE HUNDRED golden tickets floating around Adelaide to the opening weekend in October.

Keep watching this space to find out more about the KIK Golden Tickets…

More about KIK Enterprises

KIK is a socially driven business based in Adelaide, South Australia. At the heart of their businesses is one sole mission – to end youth unemployment through developing and growing enterprises.

In just two years, KIK has grown it’s offering from a concept coffee store to include KIK Cleaning and now KIK & The Chocolate Factory.

KIK’s overarching mission to end youth unemployment is carried through with the notion of “guilt-free” chocolate. KIK Enterprises has, and will continue to develop, train and empower disadvantaged youth to be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow; KIK & The Chocolate Factory is one of soon to be many enterprises that will flourish under the KIK Brand.

At Kids Play SA, we think that’s awesome. All the more reason to pay them a visit, and another reason we love to support local businesses!

To learn more about KIK Enterprises and the amazing work they do to support our youth, visit their website. And to see more mouth-watering clues about what’s to come from KIK and the Chocolate Factory, check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

Keep watch for more news on the KIK Golden Tickets

Brought to you by our Kids Play SA writer: Stephen Brine