Latitude Adelaide - It's time to fly, bounce and climb

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Well....what can we say but WOW! Latitude Adelaide is an absolutely excellent venue to take the kids to if they love to climb, bounce and fly.

We live down south of Adelaide, so Latitude is a 45 minute drive for us - which is the only reason we hadn't visited yet. It was just one of those places that you think of trying out but then it becomes 'we'll go there next time' and then next time the same thing happens!

Now that we've FINALLY visited I'm kicking myself that we didn't go sooner. I wasn't expecting the place to be so huge, and so fantastic.

As soon as you walk in you can just feel the fun and excitement in the air. The sound of happy kids just welcomes you and the excitement vibes intensify.

My girls faces instantly lit up and they couldn't wait for their time to start so they could run on in to check it all out.


There's so much at Latitude's giant aerial playground to keep the kids happily entertained, including:

  • Trampolines - 100+ trampolines plus a giant air-bag.

  • Trampoline Dodge Ball

  • Trampoline Basketball

  • Rock Climbing - 180+ metres of climbing fun with 12 rock climbing walls, bungee tower and unique pink poles

  • The Sky Walk - A sky-high obstacle course situated 8 metres above the ground - climb, tight-rope walk and swing your way through

  • Battle Beam - Battle your opponent, with bouncy foam pits to break your fall

  • The Grid Ninja Warrior Course - a challenging course for the ninja's. Jump, vault, swing, spring, zip-line, and problem solve your way through

  • Kids Zone - The little kids don't have to miss out on all the fun. There's a fun playground dedicated for 18 mths - 5 years (or under 100 cm's). Perfect for the little explorer who loves adventure

We went to their two hour session and I'm glad we did as it was just the perfect amount of time.

One hour would not have been enough for my girls as they wanted to go on everything 100 times over. But when the two hour limit rolled around they were completely exhausted (always a good sign that you've got your money's worth when that happens!)

Book your LATITUDE session online:

If you're wondering where to go these upcoming School holidays, or any weekend, then definitely put Latitude on your list - you won't regret it! And your kids will think you're the best (always good for bribing purposes!!)

Find out more on the Latitude website to see if they have any specials at the moment and book your spot online while you're there.


The layout of the venue has been expertly planned. You've got the Base Camp - which is the Latitude Cafe. This is located on the upper level and overlooks the entire floor area, so you can quickly re-fuel and still keep a close eye on the kids. (This is unless your kids are in the rock climbing pit - you'll need to be in there with them at all times.)

The Kids Zone is fully fenced, so your little adventurer can't get too adventurous and try to escape. There's also seating and tables in there so you can relax with a coffee while they play.

The Latitude staff were also incredible and so helpful. They were all so patient with the kids, helping them in and out of the support harnesses, encouraging them and boosting confidence at each of the activities. They've also got some fantastic trampoline skills to show too!

My youngest decided she wanted to do the Sky Walk but once she actually got up there and all strapped in, she got quite scared and was talking about getting off. Instead of just unstrapping her and letting her go the staff member asked if she wanted some help and someone to do the obstacle with her.

That staff member then talked and walked my daughter through the course - holding her hand the entire way. It was such a nice thing of her to do and just melted my heart. I couldn't have been more thankful for that.

My eldest was also apparently scared of heights before we went (she hadn't mentioned this to me before!) She's also normally apprehensive to give new things a go if they look a bit too scary.

I was so proud of her because she gave EVERYTHING a go and loved it all. By the end she had become a rock climbing, tightrope walking, and bungee jumping enthusiast.

So, if you have yet been to Latitude then stop putting it off. We can't wait to go back :)


13-15 Fosters Road, Greenacres 5086 AUSTRALIA

T. 1300 123 528



Monday : 10am - 7pm Tuesday : 10am - 7pm Wednesday : 10am - 7pm Thursday : 10am - 7pm Friday : 10am - 9pm Saturday : 10am - 9pm Sunday : 10am - 6pm


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