Our weekend pick for the kids - BEERENBERG FARM

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Looking for something to do with the kids in Adelaide this weekend, or during the school holidays?  Then make the day of it and head on over to Beerenberg Family Farm in Hahndorf.

Picking strawberries is sure to keep the young ones off your back for a while and makes you feel like you're doing the 'good parenting' act because, you know...it's strawberries! 

Strawberries are fruit - so surely that deserves a pat on the back and a quick head nod to yourself. 

Yes, you've got this!

The price is great too - kids under 13 are free, for over this it's only $4 per person and then you pay per kg for the juicy, plump and delicious strawberries that you pick - all at an affordable price.

Amazing value, especially considering I just paid $4 for a small punnet at the supermarket only to find two moldy strawberries lurking at the bottom.  Urgh....

So, get out and about while the sun is still shining (and the strawberry patch is still open).

Find out more on their website www.beerenberg.com.au

There's plenty of other things to do with the kiddies in Hahndorf.  If you get time check out:

On the main street in Hahndorf you'll also find a range of shops, including many sweets and treats....YUMMO. 

Oh, and you must stop in for lunch (by lunch I mean a German beer) at one of their famous German pubs...there's a few to choose from and you won't be disappointed! 

Let us know your favourite spot in Hahndorf......