Upgraded playground - Hallett Cove

The beach known best for 'all those bloody damn rocks' has a new sea-side feature thanks to the City of Marion.

There's always been a playground at Heron Way Reserve (for as long as we can remember anyway) but it seems upgrades have happened. From the pics it's looking pretty good too.

Heron Way Reserve Playground, Hallett Cove
Pic Credit: The City of Marion

Hallett Cove Beach is a local spot for us to visit, where the girls love hunting for crabs and getting their ankles wet...I don't think anyone has ventured out further than that?

But, the kids have always loved the playground there and now we can't wait to see the new upgrades! Who's been? We'd love to hear your thoughts x

Maybe check it out at the upcoming Concert at the Cove....

When you go to see it make sure to stop in at the Boatshed Cafe.


Pic credit: The City of Marion

Brooke Hendry