The Baby Cino Club - Find your parenting tribe, Adelaide

Being a parent can be hard and if you don't have any friends with kids, or your friends that do have kids are too perfect and you're constantly comparing and feeling crap about your own parenting abilities, or you just want to get out of the house at least once a week where your kids can roam and you can both interact with others - oh, and drink a warm coffee...then you MUST give the Baby Cino Club a go.

I'm a follower of the Adelaide Mums Group page on Facebook and one question I keep seeing is 'How can I meet other parents?' Well - here is how you do it! Here's the answer - it's The Baby Cino Club. So simples!

Adelaide mums group
Pic Credit: The Baby Cino Club, Adelaide

The Baby Cino Club - an Adelaide mums group and Adelaide dads group!

The Baby Cino Club, founded by Adelaide mum-of-two Hannah Dobson, come together at least once a week in the name of parent's sanity. And dads are more than welcome too!

Meet up, have an adult convo and let the kids make friends playing in the playground. You know the old saying 'It takes a village to raise a child' and that's what the idea here is all about. You don't need to feel isolated just because you had a kid.

There's a lot of social media parenting groups nowadays to help you feel more connected - but they're not the same, they don't get you out and they also don't keep your kids occupied.

We also love how they're including dads, as not many parenting groups do.

Adelaide mums group
Pic Credit: The Baby Cino Club, Adelaide

Find someone that understands what you're going through as a parent - the good and the bad...

I know when I moved back to Adelaide from Tasmania I wasn't eligible to join a mother's group when I had my second child...because it was my second child (What? Yeah, I didn't get it either!) Mum's group in Tassie kept me sane. I had no other support whilst there and made some amazing friends from the group. I was lucky when I moved back here that I had friends who had children. But there are so many mumma's and dadda's that don't.

Don't do it alone, don't go crazy in silence - find your tribe, find others to talk about no sleep, and the colour of your baby's poo, and all the good things too! Have a laugh, have some fun, and look no further than The Baby Cino Club.

They also run a range of awesome social events to keep mum and dad feeling sociable and having fun.

It's not just a Parent's group in Adelaide, it's a village...Come and be a part of it.

The Baby Cino Club meets on Wednesday's and/or Thursday's at Plympton Park. See their Facebook page or website to find out more.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so give it a go!

Adelaide parents group
Pic Credit: The Baby Cino Club, Adelaide

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