Tree Climb Adelaide

Tree Climb Adelaide is the perfect activity to get the kids out of the house and into nature - in a very unique way! And, is sooooo much FUN!

If your little one is constantly climbing trees, climbing the furniture, or just climbing anything they can - then take them here NOW!

Tree Climb Adelaide (an innovation from BounceSA) is Australia's first inner-city aerial adventure park that's been built within the natural environment of the Adelaide City Park Lands. They have both adult and kids courses available - suitable for ages 3 and up/or 100cm and over and can safely fit into a harness. And it's bloomin' AMAZING!

Get those little monkey's climbing, or take Grandma out for a new adventure (whatever you're into!) You're going to love it.

Tree Climb Adelaide
Tree Climb Adelaide

Tree Climb Adelaide has over 70 obstacles in 8 courses.

The Children's Course

offer 21 tree-top activities and allow the kids to challenge themselves progressively by completing the yellow, blue and orange courses. There's also a fun zip-line to get them back on the ground.

The Children's Course is an 80 minute activity. This includes harnessing, safety briefing and course completion.

This is not a drop and go - any child over 14 must have a parent there with them. You can't actually climb with your children on the kids courses. But, at least you'll be there on the ground screaming about what an amazing job they're doing every now and then!

The Grand Course

(min. height 135cm, max weight 120kg) offers 5 progressively challenging obstacle courses and 52 challenges, set within the tree-tops. There's also 6 zip-lines that take you through the obstacles and (depending on availability) a Tarzan swing - so no doubt we'll hear you hollering like the man himself on your way down!

The Grand Course is a 2 hour activity. This includes harnessing, safety briefing and course completion.

Food and drinks

are available for purchase so rest assured you'll be able to get your much needed coffee while you watch the action, or to get you ramped up if you decide to also join in on the fun!


Tree Climb Adelaide is open:

During the school terms -

Monday-Friday - 10am, 2pm & 4pm

Weekends & public holidays - Every 20 minutes from 9am - 6pm

During school holidays -

7 days - Every 20 minutes from 9am-6pm


Park 20

Cnr. Greenhill Road, & Unley Road, Kurangga Park, Adelaide City Park Lands


You can book your session online now (and find out any further info) on the Tree Climb Adelaide website

Safely swing, leap, climb and fly through the tree tops, no matter your age or abilities, thanks to Tree Climb, Adelaide

B. Hendry