Tree Climb Adelaide, ope

Tree Climb looks like sooooo much FUN! If your little one is constantly climbing trees, or nagging you that they want to - then take them here NOW!

Tree climb is suitable for ages 3 and up (or 100cm and over) with both adult and kids courses available.

Get those little monkey's climbing, or take Grandma out for a new adventure (whatever you're into!)

Tree Climb Adelaide
Pic Credit: Tree Climb

The Tree Climb Children's Courses offer 24 tree top activities and allow the kids to challenge themselves progressively by completing the yellow, orange and blue courses.

This is not a drop and go - any child over 14 must have a parent there with them. It doesn't mean you have to go climbing with them, but at least be there on the ground screaming about what an amazing job they're doing every now and then!

Food and drinks are available for purchase so rest assured you'll be able to get your much needed coffee while you watch the action, or to get your ramped up if you decide to also join in on the fun!


Tree Climb officially opens on the 7th October, but there are limited tickets available to check it out before this date. Find out more and book on their website here.


Cnr. Greenhill Road, & Unley Road, Adelaide

Safely swing, leap, climb and fly through the tree tops, no matter your age or abilities, thanks to Tree Climb, Adelaide

Tree Climb, Adelaide, SA
Pic Credit: Tree Climb, Adelaide