Wonder Park Movie Review

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Recently we had the pleasure of watching an advanced screening of the new movie Wonder Park, thanks to Paramount Pictures.

It's coming to cinema's in time for these Adelaide school holidays. Find out more about the movie below...

What is Wonder Park?

Wonder Park tells the story of a 12-year-old girl named June (Brianna Denski), who’s wild and creative imagination comes to life in the form of Wonderland – a truly “splendiferous” amusement park.

June continues to dream and build-up her magnificent theme park, Wonderland, with the help of her loving mum (Jennifer Garner).

Wonderland is complete with magical rides, wonder and, of course, fun-loving characters.

You’ll meet Peanut (Norbert Leo Butz), the charismatic monkey, who is the leader and main celebrity of Wonderland. Peanut creates the never-before-seen rides with a sweep of his magical marker, thanks to the mystical voice that whispers to him through the wind.

Steve (John Oliver), the articulate and eloquent Porcupine. Greta (Mila Kunis), the boar with a big heart, who is the “glue” that holds the team together. Boomer (Ken Hudson Campbell), the loveable blue Welcome Bear, and Gus and Cooper (played by Aussie’s own Fitzy & Wippa) the fast-talking, hyper-kinetic BEAVER brothers and Wonderland’s fix-it duo.

Wonder Park (Paramount Pictures) movie review

Our overall feeling of Wonder Park -

Wonder Park was a brilliant animation, full of bright colours to keep the younger ones watching but the story-line was a little darker than I would have thought from watching the trailer.

You'll go on a roller-coaster ride with June and the Wonder Park crew, as they rise-up and conquer challenges to try and stop Wonderland from being destroyed forever by the naughty chimpanzombies.

There were some tears shed quite early on by my 8-year-old and yes, from me too…while Miss 5 looked at us like we were crazy. (June's mum becomes unwell and has to go away to get better.) So be prepared if your child (and/or yourself) is more on the sensitive side.

The overall message that I got from the story is that it’s important to look for the bright side even in hard times. And if we give up hope, or if we give up entirely, it not only affects us but others around us.

Wonder Park showed that life isn’t always a fun amusement park, but when you work together as a team, you can overcome obstacles to remove the “darkness”. And to never give up on yourself or your imagination.

That’s probably a bit more of a message than what a child will get from the film! My 2 girls came away with “Wonder Park is an amazing place and to always keep imagining and thinking”.

At the end of the day, Wonder Park is a nice little family film that will keep the kids entertained, and one to put on the list for these school holidays.

Coming out in Adelaide on April 11.

Wonder Park Movie - Paramount Pictures

Always dream bigger!

Brooke Hendry