The Fairy Movement fairy stickers & fairy cards

The Fairy Movement fairy stickers & fairy cards


Sometimes we all need a little bit of magic in our lives....​

Which is why we have created the Fairy Movement!


Brighten up your child's day with the fun and magic of the Fairy Movement.

Place a little fairy friend on your child's fingernail as they sleep to surprise them when they wake. Or place a fairy sticker on the coin left by the Tooth Fairy for an extra special touch - also spreading the fairy love & smiles when the coin is spent x


Only $11.95 for 1 x packet of our Fairy Friends Nail Stickers. (includes over 20 nail stickers)

Use the stickers how you like but be creative - show them the fairies are always watching!


Add some of our homemade fairy cards, featuring different fun or encouraging messages.  These cards are great to leave as an extra thank you from the tooth fairy :)


P.s. Our Fairy Friends are great blackmailing tools too :)

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