From the days when we were once selling children's gifts and clothing through 'FoxPop Kids'.  We found that we couldn't compete with the big stores. Oh, and who can keep up with postage prices too....urgh!  

Here is our remaining stock - ALL CLOTHING IS ON SALE!

Most have only 1 left per item/size. All great prices and great products.

So take a look and grab yourself a bargain :)

P.s. Don't forget to also check out our 'SECONDS' stock.


In here you'll find our second hand items which are still in amazing condition at amazing prices! Some have never been worn, some still have tags, some are brand new stock which may have the tiniest stain (read descriptions of each product for more info.)
Apologies in advance... I have 2 girls so the Seconds stock is mainly more feminine, although there are a few items in there for the lads :)  

HAPPY SHOPPING and thank you for your support xx